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New to Home Heating Oil

Moving house is an exciting and memorable experience, but doesn’t always come without its stresses. If you’ve moved into a property that uses home heating oil it may feel like one more thing to worry about. That is where we are here to help answer some of the home heating oil questions that you may have.

What is heating oil?

Home heating oil is a liquid fuel that is stored in a tank in your garden and feeds a heating oil boiler inside your property. As with a mains gas supplied boiler the fuel is burned to heat radiators and water within your property.

Heating oil can often be referred to as home heating oil, burning oil and kerosene (or kero for short). Premium grade heating oils are available that offer a more efficient burn in the boiler and reduce emissions and maintenance costs.

How much fuel do I need to order?

Domestic fuel tanks can range typically, between 1000 and 2500 litres. The minimum quantity you can order is 500 litres but depending on the size of your tank it can work out cheaper to order a larger quantity.

Home Heating Oil

How do I ensure I don’t run out?

By joining our Priority Club you will receive a free OilFox™ smart monitor allowing you to check your usage through a mobile app. It also enables you and us to accurately and efficiently monitor your tank levels without the need to look at your tank. Ditch the dip-stick, ban the bamboo and welcome to the 21st Century.  Find out more

How can I order home heating oil?

Ordering fuel is simply. You can get an instant heating oil quote and select a delivery online or you can call our depot where one of our experts will be happy to help.

How can I pay for my heating oil?

We offer a variety of ways you can pay for home heating oil. Pay in full by debit or credit card, online or over the phone. Alternatively,  join our Planned Monthly Direct Debit plan and spread the cost over 12 months rather than paying larger one-off payments.